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 About Our Dad Mort Meskin, Golden Age Comic Book Artist 

Meet Our Dad
Mort Meskin, Golden Age Comic Book Artist

Dad at Coney Island - Circa 1922

The Good Old Days
  Does that look like a happy kid or what?  Yup, that's our Dad, Mort Meskin, at age six.  Hopeful race car driver and future Golden Age Comic Book Artist...way back in 1922 at Coney Island, spelled B-r-o-o-k-l-y-n, New York.  
Dad was born and raised in Brooklyn.  He went to Tilden High School where he was the art editor of the school newspaper, Tilden Topics.  It was there he discovered his talent and lifelong love of art. 

The Early Years
    Dad worked for a number of pulp and comic book publishers including More Fun Comics, Prize Group, Jumbo Comics, Harvey Comics and many others. 
    He studied art at NYC's Pratt Institute and The Art Students League, where he taught for a while.

"My Daddy Draws Comic Books!!"
     What 3rd grade kid wouldn't like to be able to say that!  We could boast to our friends every day...especially when Dad brought home comics before they even hit the stands. 

    Dad drew all sorts of superheroes like Johnny Quick, Golden Lad, Black Terror, Shield, Fighting Yank, Vigilante, Mr. Wizard, Atom, and Starman. 
    He also drew
 Mark Merlin, Tom Corbett Space Cadet, Sheena Queen of the Jungle, Mr. Satan,  Captain 3-D, Lee Simpson Midshipman, Wildcat, Dick Storm, and Captain Valor.

Dad Inking a Comic Page
Dad at His Office
Comic Book Art
    Dad produced an amazing amount of art for DC/National Comics, Young Brides, Young Love, House of Mystery,  House of Secrets, My Greatest Adventure, Justice Traps the Guilty, Strange Adventures, Tales of the Unexpected, Action Comics, Treasure Comics and more.

Dad Drew Every Day    

    Dad was a gifted artist who produced art almost every day of his life.  His styles range from impressionism, advertising art, pen and ink sketches, watercolors, montages and religious scenes.  He created many original and colorful styles of art that he enjoyed exploring. 


What is Art?
    Dad's definition of his art was, "Love on canvas." 

Through Our Father's Eyes
    Our Dad spent his life seeking and creating beauty and, to this day, we can still see all of the wonderful beauty in our world through his eyes.

Dad at The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Would you like to know more about our artist Dad, Mort Meskin?

    This is not exactly Dad's definitive biography.  That's yet to be written, although there are lots of articles out there.  This is just us, his sons Peter & Philip, rambling on a bit about our Dad. 

    If you want to learn more about his life and see a lot of Dad's comic book art and his many other wonderful works of art, please take a look at his website:  Our Dad's Art  created by one of his talented admirers, Dylan Williams. 


"The risks are plain.  When a man becomes a fireman, his act of bravery has already been accomplished." Chief Edward Croaker, Engine 75 NYC, Circa 1900

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