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 About Us Peter & Philip Meskin 
Peter & Philip at Coney Island 1957

Hi Folks,
    We're Peter & Philip Meskin.  That's Philip on my knee at Coney Island back in 1957.  We spent our early years growing up in Brooklyn, NY. 

    Go Dodgers!!  Stickball.  Stoopball.  Scully.  Johnny-on-a-Pony.  Bombs Away!  Boxball.  Marbles.  Flipping cards.  Ring-A-Levio.  Red Light -Green Light.  Hide-N-Seek.  "Anyone round my base is it!!"

  Our father, Mort Meskin, was a Golden Age Comic Book Artist.  He and our mom raised us with old-fashioned values.  What we read in Dad's comic books reinforced the values we learned at home, at school and as Cub Scouts:

    "Be a Good American"  "Do the Right Thing"  "Protect the Weak"  "Be Honest"  "Play Fair"  "Mind Your Manners"  "Respect Your Elders"  "Do Your Homework" (ugh)  ...and much more.  Times were simpler then, it seems.  Certainly in the comics.   Policemen and firemen were our friends and our protectors...our neighborhood Superheroes.

years ago Dad left behind an artistic legacy that we are still exploring.

    When we found the two fire fighter paintings among our Dad's many works of art we thought to use them to do some good.   We decided to donate the posters to our local Fire Departments in honor of Our American Fire Fighters.  

The paintings glowed with Dad's deep respect for fire fighters everywhere, for their service to the community and for their wonderful camaraderie as a team of highly-trained and dedicated individuals who go into harm's way to protect us all.  


As you can see,
we haven't changed a bit...
...except Philip refused to sit
on my knee this time.

Peter & Philip - 2005

"The risks are plain.  When a man becomes a fireman, his act of bravery has already been accomplished." Chief Edward Croaker, Engine 75 NYC, Circa 1900

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