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 Frequently Asked Questions  
  • What will you do with the profits from selling these posters? 
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  • How did this website begin?
    Please click here: How This Website Began
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  • Who is Little Chief? 
    Little Chief  is our mascot.  He represents all of Our American Fire Fighters, both the ones who are out there protecting us now and the ones who have fallen before, during and after 9/11. 
  • We are hoping that Little Chief will be received as an ambassador of caring and good will, a comfort and a "thank you" as he travels with you on your journey and then is passed on to another kind person like yourself. 

    We know that the children, especially, will see the magic and sincere intent in sending
    Little Chief out into the world.

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  • Can I have my/my group's picture displayed in the Gallery of Honor?
    Yes!  Just purchase and donate one of the two posters to your local fire department.  Have your photo taken there when you present it.  

    Email us a 200 to 400 pix jpeg image, no more than 60mg (small to medium) and include everyone's name, the name of the fire house and where it's located.  Send it to:  
    Photos for Gallery of Honor 
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  • Pix?  jpeg?  mg?  Can you teach me how to send a digital image by email? 
    Sure!  It's easy.  Just download the free Google program called Picasa.  Your 10-year old will figure it out in a flash.  If you have the photo in your computer, Picasa can find it and send it in an email for you.  Use this email address:  Photos for Gallery of Honor 
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  • Can I have my photo shown on this website if I donate the poster to a group other than a Fire Department?
    Yes, if it's a donation for a worthy cause.  For instance, we have donated posters to raise money for Support Connection.  (A wonderful organization that provides emotional, social, and educational support for women who have breast or ovarian cancer.)  Mention that it's a charity donation:   Photos for Gallery of Honor 
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  • Why do you donate some of the posters to charities and not just directly to Fire Departments?
    We realized that the posters can do "double-duty."  The posters can raise money for local charities when they raffle or auction them off, honoring the fire fighters there.  Then, the person or group that purchases the posters from the charity will often donate them to their local Fire Department. 
  • This actually happened when our local Cornell University Extention Co-op had a silent auction and, we were told, a government representative purchased the posters we donated with the intent to then donate them to a local Fire Department.  We hope to continue to encourage this "double-duty" approach.
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  • Who are you guys?  Boy Scouts?
    Well...we were!              Here we are as Cub Scouts:
             Philip              Peter & Dad at the "Father & Son Dinner"
                                    (You'll note the many mothers present.)
                                             Dad & I are second from left.
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  • "The risks are plain.  When a man becomes a fireman, his act of bravery has already been accomplished." Chief Edward Croaker, Engine 75 NYC, Circa 1900

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